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Building a Child’s Playhouse

This is an important issue because it concerns the welfare of children. Their mental health, wellbeing and recreation! The greatest parental happiness and the greatest parental worry are related to the joy and sorrow of their children. If you involve the children in building their own house, a Child’s Playhouse, you provide an outlet to them for their creative endeavors. But fortunately or unfortunately, commercialization of the Playhouse projects has robbed a big portion of creativity that really belongs to children.Yet, the concept of Playhouse still fascinates children and they feel a sense of involvement, in going through the literature, designs and colorful photographs concerning this project. Their involvement in the process of selection of the house thrills them. In the present day modern materialistic world, when there are too many unhealthy distractions for the children, to create social and home loving feelings in their minds is one of the solid achievements of conce pts like building a Child’s Playhouse. If such a house is at the countryside so much the better!It helps to cement the bonds between the children and Mother Nature with all her flora and fauna! If the children born and brought up in metropolitan cities were to stay in the Children’s Playhouse at the countryside, it will leave deep favorable impression on the formative minds. They will experience the difference between the concrete jungle and the real jungle of the birds and animals! Background information: Children are no ordinary market for the business giants. In fact, they are the main targets for food items and colas. The multinationals have staggering budgets running into millions of dollars to hook the children to their products.The business of costly, commercial Playhouses and Cottages has been taken over by the business community. â€Å"Do-It-Yourself Playhouse Building Plans, Build a new Playhouse, Play Fort, Kid's Cottage, or Child-Size Backyard Cabin for yo ur kids. These plans are crafted by experts and by the editors of magazines like Family Handyman, Garden Gate, WOOD Magazine, Workbench and more. They come with clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions to make your work easy. Most of the plans include complete material lists. (Summerwood Products)That’s about the real Playhouse, let us say, the architect’s playhouse, which is like a housing project, with the stamp of children’s enjoyment program. Naturally, the main emphasis of such types of Playhouses is what maximum happiness and sporting activities the house can provide for the children! In the construction of such Playhouses, the role of children in the process of construction and finishing is very limited, because every thing is related to the house arrives in a packed container/parcel, and the assembling part of such ‘engineering units’ also belongs to the company-trained personnel.Sometimes, children are mere observers; only they get the visual joy of the house being assembled by experts in front of their eyes. It is not possible to provide clear cut dimensions of a playhouse . The design and the area can be anything. The definition of a playhouse is, â€Å"a small structure that looks like a house and is big enough for children to play in. †(Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary) The children did build their Playhouses and found their own channels of happiness since time immemorial. But the models and designs have undergone metamorphic changes.In olden days, children built Playhouses using mud, tree leaves and branches, to play and enjoy the games created by them. They were low budget or no-budget playhouses, created for the sake of temporary enjoyments, during week ends and during holidays. There was more joy and less capital investment in such Playhouses. The study of the problem: During my study of the Playhouse phenomenon, I found the mushroom growth of playhouses of all sizes, varieties and d esigns. It has become a fashion with the city folk to own a Children’s Playhouse at the countryside. It is ‘construction activity’ in full swing!The Child’s Playhouse has almost become synonymous Holiday Homes built for employees by Banks, Multinational Corporations etc. The original purpose of building the play house for children was altogether different. It was by the children, for the children and to the children! If it is a real playhouse for children, the joy and the activity element in building the Playhouse, needs to be the exclusive property of the children. If the children remain present during the inaugural ceremony of a newly constructed playhouse by their rich parents, well, it is still a playhouse but much of the joy essence is not in it.Let the parents spend some quality time with their children. Have a close look at this observation by a father happily observing his child engaged in building something of her own! â€Å"Later, while recoveri ng from the shopping experience, I didn't notice Ana busy in her room–until I was called for a â€Å"fitting. † Resting on green sponge soles was a converted shoe box, with painted laces hooked around colored paper clips. My new â€Å"shoe† had everything: bagel stickers on its sides and sports-card toes, rivaling the best in-store models.Children in today's â€Å"media generation† often don't make things at home, and they often construct objects only in cyberspace. Computer games, and even the new Logos[R], come with hefty instruction manuals for constructing very specific pre-determined forms. Art teachers need to consider the importance of children making things, building by hand, constructing their own objects without formulas or patterns. † (Szekely, February 2001) Cost of building a Playhouse and material required: This is a highly hypothetical question and no fixed answer can be given.It all depends upon one’s requirements and plan. Wh at is important is the involvement of children in the construction of the house. That is the real Playhouse. It can be a low-budget simple cardboard playhouse, created by appliance boxes. Children need not be told how cut holes, windows and doors and install air conditioners! You can provide the children with dozens of boxes so that they can build a real big playhouse with all the furnishings like curtains, wall decorations and even a table tennis court! They can paint the house and make the interior decorations of their choice.And if you wish to go for real Play Houses, all that you have to do is go through the various catalogues and do the selection in consultation with your children, the real masters of the Play Houses! The material used for such Playhouses is of high quality and as per approved specifications. The Playhouse comes with a warranty of 5 years or more. The total cost of the Playhouse will be as per your budgetary allocations. Conclusion and recommendations: Children have endless possibilities and confidence. The parents and the teachers have a great responsibility to wean away the children from the net games.This is not to say that the net games are totally bad. But moderation in this area is the need of the hour. Children, love physical activity! Their real joy is in creativity, involvement, create playthings, alter playthings and destroy playthings. Building playhouses needs to be an important part of the syllabus for children, where the teachers should be mere observers. Watch and note what the children do, left to themselves. They can be given broad hints. The mention made about the responsibility of teachers and parents is just not an academic issue. Spending maximum time with your children is the social need of the present times.The distractions for the children and the younger generation are too many. Involvement of the parents in the activities that interest the children is one way to control them in the positive way. Staying in a play house and engaging with the children is good for both! Finally, try to awaken the hidden genius within your child. By allowing him to construct and have his own Play House! Word count: 1317. . Works Cited Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary. Summerwood Products, Designers of Fine Outdoor Structures Szekely, George. Handmade Art, Arts and Activities Magazine, February 2001.

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Case Study Industry Self Regulation Without Sanctions ...

Self-Regulatory Arrangements: Exploring the Power of Business in Self-Regulatory Regimes Luis A. Santiago-Gaetan University of Massachusetts-Amherst Case Studies Case Study #1: Industry Self-Regulation Without Sanctions: The Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care Program (King and Lenox, 2000) According to the study, the creators of the Responsible Care Program claim that it was created to promote continuous improvement in member company environmental, health and safety performance in response to public concerns, and to assist members demonstration of their improvements to critical public audiences (King and Lenox, 2000). It is also documented in the study that the authors claim that the Responsible Care Program was created in October 1989 (King and Lenox, 2000). Actually, during the conducting of this study, the researcher found discrepancies with that timeline. According to official documents from the American Chemistry Council, formerly known as the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA), the Responsive Care Initiative was enacted and launched in Canada in 1985 by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (ACC, 2013). Additionally, later in 1988 was adopted by the American Chemistry Council, which back then was CMA, since then, the Responsible Care Program Guiding Principles have been revised many times (ACC, 201). During the 1980’s and more specific the during the period when the Responsible Care Initiative was enacted in 1985, the chemical industry as aShow MoreRelatedEnvironmental Auditing Guide10205 Words   |  41 Pagestechnical publications of EIGA or under EIGA s name, including Codes of practice, Safety procedures and any other technical information contained in such publications were obtained from sources believed to be reliable and are based on technical information and experience currently available from members of EIGA and others at the date of their issuance. While EIGA recommends reference to or use of its publications by its members, such reference to or use of EIGA s publications by its members or third partiesRead MoreBackground Inditex, One of the Worlds Largest Fashion Distributors, Has Eight Major Sales Formats - Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home Y Kiddys Class- with 3.147 Stores in 70100262 Words   |  402 PagesInterorga nisational management of environmental and social aspects in the supply chain Case studies from the textile sector Doctoral dissertation the international institute for industrial environmental economics Lund University, Sweden  IIIEE DISSERTATIONS 2009:2  Responsibility in the Supply Chain Interorganisational management of environmental and social aspects in the supply chain Case studies from the textile sector Beatrice KOGG Doctoral Dissertation May 2009 Read MorePlastic Bag16617 Words   |  67 Pagesthem. Many grocery stores now collect plastic bags for recycling. If yours doesn t, check with your community recycling program to learn how to recycle plastic bags in your area. ---______________________________________________________________________________________________- REPUBLIC ACT 9003 January 26, 2001 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR AN ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, CREATING THE NECESSARY INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS AND INCENTIVES, DECLARING CERTAIN ACTS PROHIBITED AND PROVIDING PENALTIESRead MoreCredit Risk Management of Basic Bank23409 Words   |  94 PagesChapter 1 Introduction 1.1. Origin of the report As a part of the Internship Program of Bachelors of Business Administration course requirement, I was assigned to do my internship at Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited popularly known as BASIC Bank Limited for the period of three months starting from December 20, 2006 to March 20, 2007 as an intern by the Internship Placement Committee of Department of Accounting Information Systems, University of Dhaka. Here at BASIC BankRead MoreCNPC CSR report25861 Words   |  104 Pagesaffiliated companies, verified the authenticity of case studies, extensively solicited opinions and actively responded to the concerns of all stakeholders. References: The Guideline on Fulfilling Social Responsibility by Central Enterprises issued by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. We also referred to the Sustainability Reporting Guideline (G3.1) published by Global Reporting Initiative, Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting (2010)Read MoreDesigning a Sustainable Solid Waste Collection System in Morocco11666 Words   |  47 Pagesï » ¿Designing a Sustainable Solid Waste Collection System in Morocco Introduction Solid waste management is a matter of great concern in most urban towns in developing countries around the world. The local authorities are responsible for managing municipal solid waste but are in most cases, they are unable to discharge their duties effectively because they lack the capacity to handle the complexities of the process in terms of the design and appropriate systems. Therefore, in the design of a sustainableRead MoreCollin Technologies Case Study Essay examples33525 Words   |  135 PagesTechnologies Case Study Baldrige Performance Excellence Program National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) †¢ United States Department of Commerce July 2013 To obtain Baldrige Program products and services, contact Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Administration Building, Room A600 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1020 Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020 Telephone: (301) 975-2036 Fax: (301) 948-3716 E-mail: Web: The Collin Technologies Case Study is a fictionalRead MoreMultinational Companies and Their Social Responsibilities (Α Case Study of Shell, Nigeria)15078 Words   |  61 Pagesall extractive industries including crude oil mining companies has underlined the following principles that should be respected in doing business: i. Social and economic development of host communities ii. Provision of basic social services iii. Regard for Human Rights iv. Good governance and civil society involvement. There have also been some initiatives by NGOs and interest groups within the extractive industries such as: i. Publish What You Pay ii. World Bank Extractive Industries Review iii.Read MoreBhopal Gas Disaster84210 Words   |  337 Pages Executive Summary On December 3, 1984, toxic poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leaked from Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL s) pesticide plant in Bhopal. The gas leak triggered a disaster that is now widely recognized as the world worst industrial catastrophe. Thousands of people were killed instantly and more than 25,000 people have died of gas-related illnesses, several thousands more maimed for life since. Union Carbide negotiated a settlement with the Indian Government in 1989 for $470 millionRead MorePrison Reform Topic Paper : Prisons6604 Words   |  27 Pageseducators, and even prisoners are divided about the right answers. There is disagreement in the US about the purpose of the prison system. On the one hand, the regulations of the prison system may seek deterrence, incapacitation, or retribution to avoid appearing too soft on criminals (Zyl Smit, 2010; Rossum, 2003). On the other hand, the regulations of the prison system may seek to opportunities to resocialize prisoners or to effect cha nges in the character, attitudes, or behavior of the convicted offender

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Advantages Of Homeschooling And Traditional Schooling

Alyssa Chartrand Professor Dennis English 101 Homeschooling and Traditional Schooling There are many parents that choose to homeschool their children. Why do so many people homeschool? On the other hand, many people also do traditional schooling. Many people argue about which one is better for children. Many people question if homeschooling is effective, but people also question if traditional schooling is effective. Both homeschooling and traditional schooling have advantages, with those advantages there are also disadvantages. How effective is homeschooling exactly? In her article Homeschool Children Have Higher Graduation Rates, More Social Prowess Antonia says â€Å"in fact there are approximately 2.2 million students in the United States†¦show more content†¦This can be a good thing in college though because the students will be more focused on their homework, when they focus the do better and get better grades. Whereas children who went to a traditional school have better social skills because they are used to being around other students, and they are not afraid of putting themselves out there and making new friends. A reason why homeschooled children struggle with their social skills is because they were not in a classroom with other students, which caused them to become nervous when they do meet new people. On the other hand, students who attended a traditional school are better at making friend because they spent every day of high school, this makes it easier for them to make lots of friends in college, but this can also harm their education. They can become more focused on their friends rather than school causing them to do poorly. Some students that go to traditional schools can do well in college, some even have issues with their social skills due to bullies, and popular students. Julie Alice Huson says â€Å"Because traditional schools educate all children, a diverse population encourages children to develop tolerant and accepting attitudes† (Huson). Being homeschooled has some advantages. One of these advantages is that â€Å"it allows room for growth† (Williams). You can take time with the program, and you can do it on the go. They can do their school while traveling, while they travelShow MoreRelatedThe Effectiveness Of Home Schooling1693 Words   |  7 PagesHome Schooling I. Introduction According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), the number of homeschoolers rose up to 300,000 in 1992 to an estimated 2 million in 2003. Homeschooling has been around since 1960s, created by John Holt, a humanist. He believes that homeschooling is one of the greatest educational movements of our time. Supporters love the idea of students being homeschooled rather than being exposed to public schools because they believe that homeschooling studentsRead MoreHomeschooling : A Viable Option For Many Parents1596 Words   |  7 Pagesways to educate students, homeschooling is highly debated. The repercussions homeschooling has on students is the main source of these debates. Some believe that homeschooling hinders a child s ability to participate within their peer group and to distinguish from wrong and right. Along with their mental and social growth, the parents have to be willing to put in the effort to make sure the student is getting the information they need fr om them. Although the homeschooling lifestyle is not always attainableRead MoreA Starvation At Learn : Growing Up Essay1258 Words   |  6 Pagesthe focal of the conversation. Unfortunately, homeschooling is not even considered, by a majority of parents, as a relevant alternative to forms of more traditional schooling. Parents unquestionably assume to send their children to public schools, but do their child a disservice in not considering this viable option. Although both public schooling and homeschooling s focus primarily on providing students with a quality education, today’s homeschooling affords students with higher test performanceRead MoreHomeschooling Is The Best Option For Parent Should Educate Their Students At Home965 Words   |  4 PagesHomeschooling Should Be Teaching In most countries in the World, governments require student to attend traditional school that trained instructors are responsible to provide them an approved basic education. However, there are number of parents believe homeschooling that is much better than public schooling. Many parents think homeschooling is flexible in how learning or teaching, so they can easier focus individual attention and choose curriculum that are based on a family s own beliefs and valuesRead MoreHomeschooling : Harmful Or Helpful?3610 Words   |  15 PagesHomeschooling: Harmful or Helpful? Parents are typically held accountable for making decisions on how their child is raised, what rules will be implemented, curfews, punishments, and nevertheless, their education. When it comes to education, parents are responsible in deciding where their children will be educated and this decision includes some enticing options. The topic of homeschooling has indisputably been up for debate in many eras, cultures, and locations. Ari Neuman and Oz Guterman (2016)Read MoreWhy The Option Of Homeschooling Surfaced3606 Words   |  15 Pageswill be implemented, curfews, punishments, and nevertheless, their education. When it comes to education, parents are responsible in deciding where their children will be educated and this decision includes some enticing options. The topic of homeschooling has indisputably been up for debate in many eras, cultures, and locations. Ari Neuman and Oz Guterman (2016) state that the question relics, which educational strategy is more effective, which is be tter? Since every child benefits from being educatedRead More Home Schooling Essays1184 Words   |  5 PagesHome Schooling Education is a very important concern in the hearts of Americans. . But what exactly is the best form of education. Homeschooling has gradually made its way into the education field as an acceptable and controversial form of education. Homeschooling can simply be defined as educating children at home or the community rather than at school (Withrow, 1999; Cromwell, 1998; Lines, 1995). An alternative definition would be, parents choosing the schooling for their children (What isRead MoreThe Disadvantages Of Home Schooling1690 Words   |  7 Pages The advantages and disadvantages of home schooling This article covers the positive and negative effects of Home schooling. Although I agree with some the strategies involved in home schooling no curricula is perfect. I intend to portray the comparison of home schooling to public schooling to inform the reader of its advantages. Along with that I hope to divulge some useful tools in educating our youth. Its widely known that public education could use some improvements. There are some factorsRead MoreHomeschool Research Paper1088 Words   |  5 Pagesaccomplish in life so it is no surprise parents want the best for their children. Homeschool has more positive advantages than often recognized and overall is a better choice than public or private institutions. Flexibility, financial differences, and outside activities for your child make homeschooling an ideal choice. Flexibility is one key element in the growing popularity of homeschooling. The adult as well as the child’s schedule becomes flexible with the use of this form of school. The childRead MoreEssay on The Disadvantages of Homeschooling vs Traditional Education1404 Words   |  6 Pagesdisadvantages of homeschooling? Homeschooling is an option of developing education at home rather than at schools where teachers give the lecture and take tests in order to be informed of the progress of the students. As Lisa Rivero, a professor of English literature at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, states, in her book The Homeschooling Option, homeschooling in the United States â€Å"as a modern movement began in the 1960s† (Rivero27). This is, after the concept of homeschooling spreads around

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The Problem Of Nuclear Family - 1290 Words

Imagine being on the cusp of adulthood during the 1950s when the term â€Å"nuclear† was becoming more common in regards to the matter of families. The idea of that a nuclear family, a family consisting of a man, his wife, and their children under one roof, is the only type of family that should exist was often shoved into the faces of young Americans. The nuclear family had been around for centuries, only truly developing the title of â€Å"nuclear† in the early twentieth century. It’s the concept that any family that doesn’t fit the structure laid down by the idea isn’t a family that should be welcomed into society. During the 1950s, this took a step farther. It was expected for someone to marry once they reached a certain age and many people considered something to be wrong with someone if they weren’t. . Though it is of note that not even before the 1950s had passed, changes had already begun. Its best for families to move out of the narr ow-minded structure it had before that isolated and secluded several groups. The positive changes show up in many different forms over the years, whether in movements, expansions of personal freedoms and choices, and/or in the most basic extension of open-mindedness in new generations. Movements of various strengths and sizes funneled into a dynamic shift of responsibilities in relationships. Back in the 1950s example, it was commonplace for the father to work while the wife took care of the house and children. Though early in the 1960s, theShow MoreRelatedThe New Nuclear Family: Problems Benefits in Single Parenthood804 Words   |  4 PagesFamilies supported by single parenthood are no longer viewed as nontraditional. Becoming apart of the social norm, 27% of the families in the United States are headed by only one single parent. As more single-parent families begin to emerge in North America, the public brings concern to examine the outcomes of these households for the wellbein g of children. Overall, financial difficulties and possible negative effects for children are two main issues of single-parenthood. However, a number positiveRead MoreThe Decline Of The Nuclear Family932 Words   |  4 PagesDecline of the Nuclear Family In college classes, the traditional nuclear family is defined as a family consisting of one or both parents and their dependent children in a single family unit without any extended relatives (Kendall, 2013). Some sociological perspectives suggest that any departure from what is known as the â€Å"traditional,† or nuclear, family indicates a social problem, while others maintain that the definition of family has simply evolved beyond the nuclear family. Some even suggestRead MoreFamily Formation And Structure Of The Nuclear Family1457 Words   |  6 PagesCombining the multitude of factors that contribute to family formation and structure parallels to mixing ingredients to make a soup that does not always come out with the same taste, as even with the same contributing factors such as race, gender, and social, economic, and political pressure, one family can greatly differ from another. The ideology of the nuclear family shape clashed with my family’s more extended and traditional family structure, and upon arrival to the United States from KoreaRead MoreNuclear vs Extended Family874 Words   |  4 PagesSEPTEMBER 14, 2012 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NUCLEAR AND EXTENDED FAMILY NUCLEAR EXTENDED A. Consist of father, mother and children. Consist of father, mother, children, grandparents and other family relatives. B. Nuclear family is principally based upon the emotion of parental love and sibling bonding and hence the structural functionalism (mechanism of relationships) is quite simple, yet the psychology involved becomes quite complex. In case of a joint family, the primary emotion is a general affectionateRead Morejoint family1664 Words   |  7 Pagesof a society i.e. family. A family is a set of human beings related to each other in a non-professional manner, giving rise to a concrete cohesion within the family. Love, care, and affection are the  most prominent human values, which are responsible for maintaining these bonds of relationships withina family.  Typically, a nuclear family may be conceived as  a unit consisting of acouple, children, and grandparents, and pets. In India however, there exists a special kind of family structure that  reallyRead MoreNuclear War : Power Versus Peace Essay1591 Words   |  7 PagesNuclear War: Power Versus Peace In today’s society people must consider the possible devastation a major war could bring to the world and society as a whole. Throughout history the US has successfully avenged threats made to our nation, homes, and citizens but, what if the menace becomes mass destruction? According to Johan Galtung, the author of On the Social and Cultural Implications of Nuclear War, a war with such ambivalent outcomes would produce a more broken world, stating, â€Å"We live alreadyRead MoreThe Debate of Bigger Families814 Words   |  3 Pagesor small family Is it selfish to have more than two children? The decision about the number of children you will have is really important. This decision will not only affect the family it will also affect the society and the environment. Parents have more than two children do not pay attention to the problems that their children will face in the future. They are proud of having an extended family instead of thinking about the future. People now realize the value of having a nuclear family. MarkedlyRead MoreSingle Parent Vs Nuclear Family Essay847 Words   |  4 PagesSingle-Parent Families versus Nuclear Families Once in society, it was absurd not to have both parents take care of their children. Parenting, it is a piece of life many people grow up with, and the way it is done keeps changing over time. In today’s society, the two most popular trends in families follow, still, the nuclear family, but now, also the single-parent family dynamic. The single-parent home and nuclear family may seem like they are quite similar, but they do have their differences. Single-parentRead MoreAssess the View That the Nuclear Family Functions to Benefit All It Members and Society of a Whole1216 Words   |  5 PagesAssess the view that the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members and society as a whole. A nuclear family is universal and is defined as a two generational grouping; consisting of a father, mother and their children, all living in the same household. The idea of the nuclear family was first noticed in Western Europe in 17th century. The concept that narrowly defines a nuclear family is essential to the stability in modern society and has been promoted by modern social conservatives inRead MoreThe Decline Of The Family941 Words   |  4 PagesThe Declining Family Throughout human history individuals around the world, of various ethnic, racial, cultural backgrounds have linked together to form what people call today families. A lot of questions come to mind when contemplating the complex relationship people have. Since families have a direct bearing on society now and on future generations it is essential to take seriously what is happening to the family. Is the American family in decline, and if so what should be done about it? â€Å"Traditionally

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Table Tennis Corruption Technological Development

Question: Discuss about theTable Tennis Corruptionfor Technological Development. Answer: Introduction Technological development has facilitated the increase of sports bets. Betting has posed a serious injury to the integrity of all sports. Table tennis particularly is a known racquet sport globally and has over 10 million players in the world. Globally it is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Currently, table tennis is threatened by betting as one of the emerging form of corruption that is difficult to control and supervise (Gainsbury Russell, 2015). The activities of illegal betting have significantly contributed to the development of the underground economy. This form of economy is linked to organized crimes and especially in table tennis and other forms of sports. Further, the co-existence of illegal and legal betting complicates the situation hence becoming difficult to regulate. The research objective is to investigate betting as an emerging form of corruption in the table tennis. The availability of the internet and rapid growth of technology has contributed to the increase of the betting vice. Moreover, online betting has made the vice more secretive and hard to detect. Similarly, the availability of live betting has necessitated to the practice of the betting vice it is hard to control and detect. This rapid growth in the mobile phone technology and the internet has enhanced the growth of betting. Therefore, betting has moved from the traditional social form to into confidential and in isolation (Brooks, 2012). On the other hand, countries seeking to attract betting investors through low taxation have created a good environment for illegal betting and especially in countries where table tennis is popular. The expansion of the internet, therefore, has made it possible for gamblers to gamble at any time and in any place. Table tennis gambling has increased from 38% to 52% in the last one year in Australia. The online gambling has also enabled the punters to c ompare prices and betting options hence choosing what is convenient for them (Abarbanel, 2012). The increased advertising and promotion of betting companies during the live broadcast of the table tennis matches has also contributed to the vice. In fact, it is difficult to draw the boundary between sport and the sports betting. Further, promotion of betting companies is done through fixed electronic banners place within the stadium. Betting companies are also allowed to sponsor teams especially on uniform hence allowing more chance of manipulation. Similarly, mobile applications have been developed to aid the gamblers to follow the games on their mobile phones and tablets. Table tennis has been used as marketing platform of betting companies especially in Asian countries (Delfabbro Griffiths, 2012). The emergence of satellite television channel has made it possible for people to have an interest in betting. The transition from the analog broadcasting to digital satellite boxes has opened an opportunity for more gamblers hence making the threat more real due to the amount of money involved. Additionally, betting is now taken as a leisure activity that facilitates excitement from a given match. Betting companies also offer bonuses for the first sign ups hence attracting more to bet on their sites. Different countries have also enacted laws to legalize betting hence inviting more investors into betting sectors (Bhullar, 2012). The rapid increase of betting, therefore, poses a great danger to table tennis due to some factors which include. Match fixing, which occurs when the players or match officials intentionally fails to act or act during a sporting contest to make sure one team wins and the other loses or draw the match. The intense commercialization of sports and especially the table tennis in countries such as China, Korea, and India may lead to match fixing. Match fixing, therefore, is a serious and a fraudulent crime which supports betting activities (Binde, 2009). It jeopardizes the integrity of the sporting activity because it is contrary to the expected law and is a form of organized corruption. Match fixing activities are fuelled by the availability of online betting which generates a lot of profits that are unregulated and thus, a prime arena for criminal activities. Betting then has been turned into a corruption activity and has led to the decline of confidence in sporting activities hence mas sive withdrawal of sponsors and spectators (Gainsbury, 2015). The case of bribing the match officials to determine the outcome of a game has been on the increase. For example, officers from the corrupt practices investigation Bureau have been investigating the Singapore Table Tennis Association for an attempt to bribe match officials. Some players also bribe officials to be allowed to participate in the matches having used performance-enhancing drugs. In China bribery is endemic due to the high competition in the table tennis and every player want to represent the country in international competition. The increase of the bribery case especially in the Asian countries is due to poor pay and the machination of the local officials. Chinese, Japanese and Korean tennis players are prone to accommodating bribes due to their poor remuneration which is received late. Betting agencies call these players to bribe them to allow opponent win the match in exchange for monetary gains. Additionally, local officials have immense powers over the players hence t hey are forced to accept the bribe (Forrest, 2011). The financial and the political issues have also contributed to the increase in corruption. The exaggerated price of the tickets which has been contributed by the political factors has exposed players to corruption. Due to low media coverage players lack sponsors hence vulnerable to the betting agencies who offer to give them tips if they comply with their demands. Currently, the most pertinent question which politics has to address is how doping can best be solved. The realization that some countries like Russia sponsored it players to doping program is a serious threat to the integrity of the table tennis. In some countries, legislators have to be bribed to pass the laws to make their respective countries comply with WADA policies (Brackenridge, 1997). Also, lack of transparency in the governing of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has contributed to various cover-ups such ant-doping violations for monetary rewards. Financial transparency at International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is very minimal and of very poor quality in readability. The increased lack of transparency has contributed to increasing of corruption networks. Further, transparency is also necessary for the adequate assessment of the expenditure of such a body. Hence, to curb corruption the ITTF must be open about it usage of funds and its operations (Abbott Volberg, 2014). In conclusion, ITTF has witnessed all levels of attack to the integrity of the table tennis. Match fixing, betting, lack of transparency, bribery, political and financial issues has been the major threats to table tennis. To make sure these vices are curbed and the levels of corruption reduced strong sports laws need to be enacted and implemented to the latter. Further, table tennis players need to be remunerated handsomely for allowing them to have decent lives, hence reducing the bribery cases. A strong system to punish those who are involved in match-fixing should also be implemented. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) should also ensure all players adhere to the stipulated rules and severe penalties given to those players and officials who violate the rules. References Abarbanel, B. L. (2012). Cultural indicators of internet sports betting policy. UNLV Gaming Research Review Journal, 16(1), 77. Abbott, M. W., Romild, U., Vol berg, R. A. (2014). Gambling and problem gamblingin Sweden: Changes between 1998 and 2009. Journal of Gambling Studies, 30(4), 985-999. Bhullar, N., Simons, L., Joshi, K., Amoroso, K. (2012). The relationship amongdrinking games, binge drinking and gambling activities in college students. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 56(2), 58. Binde, P. (2009). Exploring the impact of gambling advertising: An interview study ofproblem gamblers. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 7(4), 541-554. Brackenridge, C. (1997). He owned me basically...'Women's experience of sexual abusein sport. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 32(2), 115-130. Brooks, G. (2012). Online gambling and money laundering:views from the inside. Journal of Money Laundering Control, 15(3), 304-315. Delfabbro, P., King, D. L., Griffiths, M. (2012). Behavioural profiling of problemgamblers: a summary and review. International Gambling Studies, 12(3), 349-366. Forrest, D. (2011). Betting and the Integrity of Sport. In Sports Betting: Law and Policy(pp. 14-26). TMC Asser Press. Gainsbury, S. M. (2015). Online gambling addiction: The relationship between internetgambling and disordered gambling. Current addiction reports, 2(2), 185-193. Gainsbury, S. M., Russell, A. (2015). Betting patterns for sports and races: A longitudinal analysis of online wagering in Australia. Journal of Gambling Studies, 31(1), 17-32.

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John Lennon Essays (529 words) - Counterculture Of The 1960s

John Lennon The Beatles to this day are one of the most famous and popular rock 'n roll groups in the world. The Beatles include George Harrison, John Lennon(1940-1980), Paul McCartney, and Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr). All of the Beatles where born and raised in Liverpool, England. John Lennon was considered the leader of the band. George Harrison was the lead guitarist. John Lennon was a song writer, one of the two lead singers, and rhythm guitarist. Paul McCartney was a song writer, one of the two lead singers, and a bassist. Ringo Starr played the drums. John Lennon's first band was called the Quarrymen (named after his High School). None of the three Beatles were in this band. Paul joined the group in 1957 and Harrison joined in 1958. They played with bass guitarist Sut Sutcliffe, and Pete Best, a drummer. Sutcliffe left in 1961 and Ringo Starr joined the band. Pete Best was asked to leave the band on April 16, 1962. He was considered the Beatles undisputed sex symbol. The Beatles were discovered on November 9, 1961 by Brian Epstein, a manager of a record store in Liverpool as well as an x British Army soldier. The Beatles first two song were Love Me Do and Please, Please Me. The Beatles starred in two movies, A Hard Days Night, and Help. They also had their own full length cartoon called Yellow Submarine. The movie A Hard Days Night earned 1.3 million dollars in its first week. The Beatles early music was influenced by singers Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley. In November of 1963 the Beatles performed in front of the Queen of England. This was an incredible honor. By the end of 1963 the Beatles were the biggest music group in England. The Beatles came to New York City for the first time in 1964. They were an instant success. A couple of weeks later after their New York appearance, the five best selling records were by the Beatles. They became world famous by the end of 1964. Also in 1964 the song I Want To Hold Your Hand marked the beginning of BEATLEMANIA. The Beatles were unusual because most rock was strong beat with no melody. The Beatles added melody to rock. The Beatles also added strong and meaningful lyrics. John Lennon wrote a book called In His Own Write. The Beatles started a new era of music. They wore their hair long and shaggy. This haircut was known as the Beatles haircut. All across the world people started wearing their hair like the Beatles. John Lennon described the Beatles like this When you said it, it was crawly things, when you read it, it was beat music. The Beatles made their last stage appearance together in 1966. In 1967 the Beatles put together a master piece. The master piece was Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. The Beatles never had a chance to perform Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. Also in 1967 Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles, died. Also in 1967 the Beatles directed a movie, Magical Mystery Tour. The movie was about themselves in which they toured the English countryside in search of wonder, fun, and magic. In 1970 the world famous and world loved Beatles separated. Everybody was hoping to see the Beatles come back together. That hope ended when the peace loving John Lennon was killed outside his New York City apartment by 25 year old Mark David Chapman. Bibliography none Music

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The New Nation essays

The New Nation essays Although political divisions first emerged over domestic issues, they deepened during a series of crises over foreign policy that reopened the nagging issue of Americas relationship with Great Britain. Domestic and foreign policy were, however, never entirely separate, since decisions in one area frequently carried implications for the other. Foreign and domestic policy (1789-1803) spans from the foreign affairs of Washington, to Jeffersons Louisiana Purchase. Between these times is the Election of 1796, Adamss administration, concerning various perspectives of historical figures on financial policies and foreign countries, the XYZ Affair, and the Alien and Sedition Acts, all in relation to the restrictions and powers of the United States Constitution. Under the term of Washington, there were many affairs to deal with, mainly foreign. Hamilton saw much to admire in Britain. He modeled his financial policies in part on those of William Pitt the younger, a great British minister who took office in 1783, when Britain was so burdened with debt that it seemed on the verge of bankruptcy, and whose reforms restored his countrys financial health. The success of Hamiltons financial program, moreover, depended on smooth relations with Britain: duties on imports provided a major source of federal revenue, and most American imports came from Britain. Hamilton did not advocate returning the Americans to British rule; he had, after all, fought for independence as an officer of the Continental army. Nor did he seek to establish a monarchy in the United States. But he thought an amicable relationship with the onetime mother country would best serve American interests. In contrast, Jefferson remained deeply hostile to Britain, and his Anglophobia played a central role in his growing opposition to Hamilton. The treasury secretarys method of finance, with a bank and large funded debt, seemed-as in part it was-base...